Indexing fees are usually based on the recommended rates of the Society of Indexers. The Society currently recommends that indexing rates start from £25.00 an hour or approximately £2.75 a page or £7.50 per thousand words for an index to a straightforward text. However, this should be taken as a general guide only, as each indexing project is different and there are numerous factors that can affect the final rate.

Factors that can affect the indexing fee:

Estimates and quotations

For an approximate guide to the cost of an index for your project, estimates can be provided. Please note these are not formal quotations to provide an index at the stated fee. If you would like an estimate you’ll need to provide a few details about your project - request an estimate here. For a formal quotation you’ll need to provide full details of your project and a 10-20 page sample from the document - request a quotation here. Estimates and quotations are provided free of charge, and with no obligation.

Contract for indexing services

Once a quotation has been accepted, a short indexing contract will be prepared and sent to you outlining the indexing fee and related matters. A signed, returned copy of the contract ensures that work on the index will begin on the agreed start date.

Payment of indexing services:

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